The DOCTORS of SCV Video Series

The goal of the Aquatic Safety Awareness Program is to provide education and resources to reduce the number of drowning deaths and near-drowning occurrences in children under the age of five.

A.S.A.P. partners with Water Smart Babies and other local and national agencies to engage pediatricians in bringing water safety to the minds of new parents. Pediatricians 'prescribe' water safety education, including swimming lessons, at an infantís 9 month and 12 month check-ups, and provide activity books in waiting rooms.

The Aquatic Safety Awareness Program, Water Smart Babies, Pool Safely, Make A Splash Foundation, and Safer 3, salute and thank caring pediatricians for their expertise and experience with children regarding water safety.

Like vaccines, seat belts, and other safety measures, drowning prevention can help save lives in this vulnerable age group. Drowning IS preventable.

A.S.A.P. is pleased to recommend these local pediatricians for referrals and resources. More information regarding pediatricians and water safety can be obtained by visiting,